Proxy Scanning in Progress

This server is scanning the IPv4 space looking for servers that are running open proxy scripts. All pings from this server are non-malicious. There is no attempt being made to “hack” your server. We are happy to honor opt-out requests from future scans. Fill in the form below and submit your IP or CIDR subnet to be added to the blacklist.

Opt Out Form

Allow up to 7 days to process (usually within 24 hours).


We are using ZMAP to ping most of the IPv4 address space. This powerful tool allows us to quickly send out ping packets and see which servers respond on specific ports. Over time we ping different ports and listen for responses. The pings are spaced apart to prevent overloading any one subnet.

Open Proxies

Just because a server responds to a ping on a specific port does not mean that it is running an open proxy server. To check for open proxy use, we use a simple proxy checking script to try to load an external web document. Open proxy IP's and ports are stored in an internal database and any other IP's are discarded.

Private Data

The data collected by this site is private and is not for sale, rental or release. There are plenty of places you can find free public proxies online.